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New Bern Attorneys Fight for Victims of Auto Accidents

North Carolina law firm works to obtain compensation for crash injuries

Without proper legal assistance, you might not be able to recover fully from a car accident. In addition to the pain caused by physical injuries, the costs associated with a vehicle crash can cause lasting harm to you and your family. At the Carolina Law Group in New Bern, we fight for North Carolina accident victims so that they can secure payment for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a decade, our firm has taken on insurance companies and other powerful adversaries to obtain justice for the people we represent. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, we will create a sound strategy to maximize your payment through a settlement or judgment.

Determined advocates guide accident victims toward successful results

Since 2007, our firm has represented eastern North Carolina clients in personal injury claims arising from vehicle accidents.  We conduct a thorough investigation to find who is at fault for collisions and assess other potential causes, including:

  • Weather problems — Rain, fog and even sun glare can trigger serious accidents. We examine these factors to develop a complete narrative of your accident and present the strongest possible argument on your behalf.
  • Poor road conditions — In some instances, the condition of streets and highways can contribute to a collision. Our attorneys seek compensation from negligent third parties in addition to faulty drivers.
  • Impairment due to alcohol or drugs — In addition to potential criminal charges that might be filed by a prosecutor, the firm can bring a civil claim for damages if your accident resulted from another motorist’s drunk driving.

During a consultation, we will advise you of your rights so that you don’t accept a weak settlement offer.

Aggressive lawyers handle insurance matters relating to vehicle collisions

North Carolina law permits auto accident victims to pursue relief by initiating a lawsuit or filing a claim either with their own insurance company or the carrier for the driver at fault. This means that it is important to obtain quick assistance from an experienced attorney who can investigate where the fault lies. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the facts and guide you toward the option that gives you the best chance to secure a prompt, fair financial recovery.

Skilled counselors assist people hurt in truck and motorcycle crashes

Accidents involving trucks and motorcycles present special legal issues. When you’ve been hit by a large commercial vehicle, our lawyers can file a lawsuit against each potentially liable party, including the driver, truck owner and even the company that hired the truck. We also determine whether regulations on weight, driver rest or speed were violated. We also assist motorcycle riders who have been struck by larger vehicles. Often, the fault in those matters lies with drivers who fail to see motorcycles or who ignore their road rights. If you were hit while riding and suffered injuries, we will vigorously assert your right to compensation.

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