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New Bern Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Maximum Compensation

Accomplished trial lawyers manage traffic accident and slip and fall cases

Personal injury law protects innocent people when careless, reckless or deliberate acts or omissions cause preventable harm. For more than a decade, the Carolina Law Group has provided determined and dynamic personal injury representation for victims of motor vehicle accidents and premises liability accidents. If you’ve been hurt in a car or motorcycle crash, or you’ve suffered a painful slip and fall on public or private property, we can help you recover full compensation for your losses.

Your rights in a personal injury action in North Carolina

Most personal injury claims arise from an act of negligence that causes harm. The types of cases our personal injury attorneys most often manage include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents

In a typical auto accident or motorcycle accident, another driver may be distracted by a cellphone and wander into your lane, striking your vehicle and forcing you off the road. Because that negligent act directly caused the crash and your subsequent injuries, you have a right to full compensation for your losses, which can include:

  • Medical bills, present and future
  • Loss of income, present and future
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering

Similarly, if you are shopping in a supermarket and, because of a wet substance on the floor, you slip and fall, injuring yourself, the company that owns and operates the supermarket would have to pay compensation. As your personal injury attorneys, our job is to obtain the greatest level of compensation possible under the facts of your case.

What you need to know about the personal injury claim process

Most personal injury claims involve insurance coverage. Drivers are required to have liability insurance; if property owners have a mortgage, liability insurance is usually required as well. The defendant’s insurance company can be very aggressive in trying to settle your claim for much less than it is worth. If you try to represent yourself, you’re in for a great deal of frustration, which usually includes lowball offers and long delays in communication.

Studies have shown that accident victims are usually much better off hiring an attorney to manage their claim. Represented clients generally recover much more from defendants than claimants who try to represent themselves, even after deducting for attorneys’ fees at the conclusion of the case.

How state law affects your claim

An attorney at our firm can also help you overcome one of the greatest obstacles to accident recovery: North Carolina’s contributory negligence law. One of the strictest laws of its kind in the nation, this statute bars a victim from recovering any compensation at all if that victim shares even one percent of the blame for the accident. Insurance companies often use this law to pressure claimants into accepting a settlement that is much less than they deserve. But when you have an accomplished trial lawyer on your side, the insurance company knows they can’t use cheap tactics. They must negotiate in good faith or go to court.

North Carolina has a three-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases. However, it’s always best to hire an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Once retained, we can begin investigating and preserving evidence to strengthen your case. Waiting until a year or more goes by means that physical evidence will have been destroyed and witnesses may have disappeared or their memories may have faded.

For decisive action and a stronger case, it’s imperative that you contact the Carolina Law Group as soon as possible.

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The Carolina Law Group accepts injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no upfront legal fees and do not pay us until you receive compensation from a settlement you approve or a court verdict. Please call us at 252-636-3737 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation at our New Bern office.