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You Suspect Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets—What Should You Do?

Facing a divorce is undoubtedly one of life’s most challenging experiences, and when suspicions arise that your spouse may be concealing assets, the situation can become even more complex. 

In North Carolina, as in many other states, the equitable distribution of assets is a fundamental aspect of divorce proceedings. However, if one party is hiding assets, it can significantly affect the fairness of the outcome. While the possibility of someone you shared your life with is hiding assets may feel overwhelming, there are several tactics you can employ to uncover the truth of their financial situation. 

One of the most effective approaches is to thoroughly review financial documents such as bank statements, tax returns, investment portfolios and any other relevant records. Look for discrepancies or irregularities that could indicate attempts to conceal assets, such as undisclosed accounts or transactions. A forensic accountant can help with this. These professionals specialize in uncovering financial discrepancies and can help trace funds, identify hidden assets and provide expert testimony during the proceedings, if necessary. Their skills can be invaluable in complex divorce cases where financial deception is suspected.

Another tactic to consider is conducting a lifestyle analysis. By examining your spouse’s spending habits and comparing them to reported income, you may uncover discrepancies that could point to hidden assets or sources of income. Look for unexplained expenses, lavish purchases or sudden changes in lifestyle that seem inconsistent with reported earnings.

If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, it’s essential to work closely with an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf. A skilled attorney will have the legal knowledge and resources to pursue the necessary investigations and take appropriate legal action to ensure a fair division of assets.

In North Carolina, the Carolina Law Group, led by Tommy Kellis, is a trusted firm with a proven track record of representing clients in divorce cases where one spouse believes the other is concealing their assets. With offices in New Bern and Morehead City, we offer personalized legal representation and strategic guidance tailored to each client’s unique needs. For a consultation, call 252-636-3737 or contact us online today.

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