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Wrongful Death

Strong North Carolina Lawyers Pursue Justice After a Wrongful Death

New Bern firm seeks compensation for survivors

After a loved one dies, nothing is ever the same. The pain and anger can be even more intense if the fatality results from someone else’s carelessness or willful misconduct. Under North Carolina’s wrongful death statute, money damages can be sought from liable individuals, businesses and government bodies. However, it can be difficult to understand what type of financial recovery might be appropriate in a specific instance. The Carolina Law Group, with offices in New Bern and Morehead City, secures payments for bereaved family members in lawsuits and settlement negotiations. Regardless of the cause of death, we will advocate for a resolution that holds the liable parties accountable.

Effective litigators take cases involving crashes, falls and medical malpractice

In many respects, the wrongful death litigation process is similar to the steps that are taken in personal injury litigation. In both types of actions, it’s important to retain an experienced lawyer so that you understand the legal issues and the potential value of your claim. Our firm represents clients in wrongful death cases arising from:

  • Auto accidents — After a fatal auto accident, we investigate the facts thoroughly to find each party who was liable, including drivers, manufacturers and government entities. Our lawyers then seek damages from each party according to their proportion of fault.
  • Unsafe premises — Poor security, unsafe walking surfaces and other hazards can have deadly consequences. If a property owner or someone else violated their legal duty of care, we’ll make every effort to hold them responsible.
  • Medical malpractice — Proving that a loved one died due to medical malpractice can be a significant challenge. We bring in medical experts to determine if a failure to meet professional standards of care led to the fatality.
  • Defective products — If a product’s negligent design or manufacture triggered an accident causing the death of a family member, we have the skill and experience to take on the defendants and their insurers so you can get a measure of justice.

We assist clients on a contingency basis in wrongful death claims, so you do not have to pay legal fees until and unless a financial recovery is obtained through a judgment or settlement.

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Aggressive advocates pursue damages for final expenses and lost income

A wrongful death award can include reimbursement for funeral expenses, medical costs, lost income and benefits that the victim would have earned. Compensation is also available to make up for the loss of the decedent’s companionship, guidance and household assistance. Grief-stricken loved ones are often reluctant to engage in protracted legal proceedings, a fact that defendants and their insurers sometimes try to use to their advantage. You should have any settlement offer reviewed by a qualified wrongful death litigator before you sign away your rights.

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The Carolina Law Group advises decedent’s representatives and potential beneficiaries regarding wrongful death litigation. We have offices in New Bern and Morehead City. Please call us at 252-636-3737 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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