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North Carolina Attorneys Help Clients Challenge Traffic Charges

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Traffic offenses may seem relatively minor, but they can limit your ability to live and work as you wish. Depending on the infraction, you could face fines, increased auto insurance rates or license suspension. That’s why it’s important to fight tickets with the help of an experienced defense attorney. At our firm, the Carolina Law Group in New Bern, we deliver strong support for motorists accused of speeding, reckless driving and other moving violations. Authorities may encourage defendants in these cases to forfeit their legal rights and accept some form of punishment, but there’s no reason for you to do that. Our firm will wage a vigorous fight in finding and challenging flaws in the government’s case against you.

Law firm assists with reckless driving, speeding and other cases

Don’t assume that a ticket is the last word on a potential driving violation. You have the same right to defend yourself as someone facing any other charges. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we understand how to find errors in the law enforcement process in cases alleging:

  • Reckless driving — In North Carolina, driving erratically or at more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit is grounds for a criminal charge of reckless driving. With the possibility of a $1,000 fine and incarceration, you need a thorough defense from a proven criminal litigator.
  • Speeding — Even a conviction of driving slightly faster than the speed limit can lead to fines and increased insurance costs. If you are a multiple offender, you might even lose your license. Our firm challenges the accuracy of police officers’ determinations and offers appropriate defenses, such as an emergency that prompted you to speed.
  • DWI — A drunk driving arrest can be intimidating, but a strong defense lawyer will make sure that your fundamental rights are not infringed upon. A blood alcohol reading that exceeds the legal limit of 0.08 percent limit could come from a tainted test or one conducted after an improper vehicle stop. We pinpoint any errors that occurred and use that information to secure dismissals, acquittals and favorable plea agreements for the drivers we represent.
  • Running a stop sign or red light — Most stop-sign and traffic light violations are infractions that carry a fine of $100 and three license points. However, if you were caught by a red-light camera rather than a police officer, it is a civil offense with a $50 fine and no points. Each type of enforcement is prone to problems that can work against safe motorists. When you’ve gotten a ticket, we can advise on whether the citation can be defeated.
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt — If you’re caught driving without a seatbelt or have passengers under 16 who are not buckled up, you are subject to a $25 fine plus $153 in court costs. Certain individuals and operators of certain types of vehicles are exempt, so it’s a good idea to get the advice of a qualified attorney.
  • Failing to signal when changing lanes — Changing lanes without signaling and similar violations fall under the state’s “Unsafe Movement” statute. A conviction can sharply increase your insurance costs, so it’s in your best interests to challenge a ticket you think is unwarranted.

During a consultation, we can outline your options and work with you to chart a course of action. In many cases, a waiver can be obtained so that you don’t have to appear in court while we advocate for you.

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Knowledgeable advisers assist drivers facing penalties for repeat offenses

Repeat traffic offenses could result in the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Accumulating 12 points over a three-year period triggers a 60-day suspension for someone whose license hasn’t previously been suspended. A second offender loses driving privileges for six months. Depending on the particular citations, you could hit 12 points with three offenses. Whether your ability to drive is in jeopardy or you’re seeking the quickest way to have your license restored, we can help.

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