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DWI/DUI in Morehead City

Morehead City Lawyers Defend Motorists Accused of DUI/DWI

North Carolina firm counters evidence brought by authorities in drunk driving cases

A drunk driving stop can lead to severe consequences. If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated in Morehead City or anywhere in the Carteret County area, you might wind up being punished with jail time, community service, a stiff fine, loss of your license and other sanctions. Fortunately, the Carolina Law Group provides comprehensive defense representation to accused motorists. We take an aggressive position when advocating, challenging misleading and improperly gathered evidence. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the facts regarding the legality of a traffic stop and the accuracy of blood-alcohol test results. When you retain our services, you get a determined legal team focused on delivering the best possible results.

Blood-alcohol testing in North Carolina

In North Carolina, it is illegal to operate a vehicle on a public street if your blood-alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or above. North Carolina also has an implied consent law, which states that anyone who operates a vehicle has consented to a BAC test at two important junctures:

  • When an officer has reasonable suspicion that the driver is impaired
  • After the driver has been arrested on suspicion of DWI

In the first instance, the officer will likely ask you to take a portable breath test. The purpose is to determine if the officer has probable cause for a DWI arrest. If you refuse the test, you face an automatic license suspension of one year. If you take the test and fail, you can expect to be arrested and face penalties including license suspension of at least 30 days.

After arrest, officers will ask you to take a second, more accurate test. This test is to gather evidence admissible in court. Again, a refusal means an automatic, immediate one-year license suspension. The revocation for refusal stands even you are not convicted of DWI.

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Penalties for driving while intoxicated in North Carolina

North Carolina has tough DUI/DWI penalties. Charges are brought at one of six levels based on aggravating or mitigating factors, such whether you’ve been previously convicted of DWI, your BAC level and your prior driving record. All levels require an immediate license suspension for at least 30 days, though you might be allowed limited driving privileges after 10 days. Other penalties for the various level s can include:

  • Level 5 — Up to a $200 fine; between 24 hours and 60 days of imprisonment
  • Level 4 — Up to a $500 fine; between 48 hours and 120 days of imprisonment
  • Level 3 — Up to a $1,000 fine; between 72 hours and 6 months of imprisonment
  • Level 2 — Up to a $2,000 fine; between 7 days and 12 months of imprisonment
  • Level 1 — Up to a $4,000 fine; between 30 days and 24 months of imprisonment
  • Aggravated Level 1 — Up to a $10,000 fine; between 12 and 36 months of imprisonment

You might also have to undergo a substance abuse assessment following a DWI conviction. More serious charges are possible if a crash resulted in property damage or personal injury. In light of these strict penalties, it’s important to have a seasoned criminal law attorney fighting for you. We regularly represent clients in misdemeanor and felony cases and have a track record of success in these matters. Our firm also provides traffic defense for other alcohol-related charges, such as driving with an open container.

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