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Motorcycle Accidents in New Bern

New Bern Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

North Carolina attorneys work to maximize victims’ compensation

Craven County and other parts of North Carolina offer great opportunities for motorcycle riders who want to enjoy the state’s natural beauty. Whether you’re riding for enjoyment or are on your way to work, a careless driver could cause a serious injury. If this occurs, the Carolina Law Group in New Bern, led by Tommy Kellis, can seek the payment you deserve. North Carolina laws can make it difficult for a plaintiff to recover appropriate personal injury damages, so it is critical to have a strong attorney by your side. We have extensive experience in this field and will counter the defenses raised by drivers and their insurance carriers.

Contributory negligence in North Carolina

Under North Carolina’s contributory negligence law, you cannot recover damages even if you are one percent responsible for the crash in which you were hurt. Insurers and defense lawyers use this tough standard to avoid liability, often invoking unfair stereotypes about motorcycle riders in an attempt to shift the blame. We push back against these defenses and gather the evidence needed to build the strongest possible argument on your behalf.

How lane splitting can affect motorcycle accident claims

Lane splitting is the term used to describe a motorcycle traveling between two lanes of traffic. Though legal in some states, it is prohibited in North Carolina. Accordingly, if you’re hit by a car or truck, the driver might try to avoid liability by alleging that you were committing a lane splitting violation. We conduct a thorough investigation to defeat meritless defenses and identify who initiated the collision.

Factors frequently associated with North Carolina motorcycle crashes

Motorcycles can fall over much more easily than four-wheeled vehicles, so even slight contact or a small road hazard can cause a tragedy. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Driver distractions
  • Motorists’ ignorance of bikers’ road rights
  • Mechanical failure

In some cases, a motorcycle crash occurs because a car driver did not see the bike and/or made a dangerous maneuver. Demonstrating how the collision occurred is the first step in recovering compensation. Our meticulous attorneys use physical evidence and witness testimony to prove the defendant motorist’s liability.

Catastrophic injuries that result from motorcycle collisions

You are more likely to suffer a severe Injury in a motorcycle crash than in an auto accident where you are inside of a car or truck. Even with a helmet, there are various types of serious medical conditions that can result if you are hit while on your bike, including:

  • Concussions and traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Severe skin lacerations, known as road rash

When you’ve suffered a significant personal injury in a motorcycle accident, you deserve an attorney who has an exceptional track record of recovering compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering and other types of harm for victims in the same situation.

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Carolina Law Group in New Bern, headed by Tommy Kellis, represents North Carolina clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. To speak to an experienced trial attorney who is determined to maximize your injury compensation, call us at 252-636-3737 or contact us online.

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