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Speeding in New Bern

New Bern Traffic Violation Attorneys Handle Speeding Ticket Cases

North Carolina firm assists motorists who are facing potential fines

Under North Carolina law, you could lose your driving privileges for at least a month even with just one speeding ticket. This is why hiring an experienced traffic violation attorney is so important if you are facing a potential license suspension, fine and higher insurance costs after a police officer says you were traveling over the speed limit. Carolina Law Group in New Bern, headed by Tommy Kellis, represents drivers in speeding ticket cases and other matters involving alleged traffic offenses. Regardless of the particular charge, we take aggressive action to challenge unwarranted charges and negotiate reduced penalties.

North Carolina speeding laws

North Carolina law mandates that drivers travel at a speed that is reasonable and prudent given the particular conditions. Construction hazards or bad weather can affect whether you’ll get a ticket for going a certain speed. No matter the circumstances, you cannot legally drive above the posted speed limit or the state maximum based on the location. Inside municipal corporate limits, the state speed limit is 25 miles per hour. Outside corporate areas, the top speed is 55, except for the interstate highways which have a 70 mph maximum.

Penalties for speeding violations

For tickets where the driver is accused of going between one and five miles per hour over the speed limit, the base fine is only $10. However, court costs can make the total amount much higher. For more serious violations, the base fine is $50, and the total cost can be closer to $200. Motorists convicted of speeding charges usually also have to pay higher insurance rates and will be given license points that could result in the loss of driving privileges. If you’re found to have been driving faster than 80 miles per hour, you face a 30-day license suspension. This is also true for motorists traveling more than 15 miles per hour over a posted speed limit of at least 55 mph.

Can my license be suspended for a speeding ticket in another state?

Most states share information on speeding tickets and other traffic offenses. This means that a speeding citation that would qualify for a license suspension under North Carolina law can be used against you even if you were somewhere else at the time. Similarly, auto insurers will raise rates whether the speeding infraction occurred here or in another state.

Hiring an attorney to fight your speeding ticket

Admitting guilt in a speeding violation case might seem easier than fighting it, but it could result in much more than a fine. If you believe that you were following the law, hiring an experienced lawyer could help you avoid an insurance rate hike and possibly even a driver’s license suspension. Police officers make errors and radar guns are not always accurate. Our dedicated North Carolina traffic defense lawyers can spot the problems that lead to unfair citations. From there, we battle prosecutors to dismiss unworthy cases and to lower punishments based on the evidence we’ve uncovered.

Contact a skillful New Bern lawyer to defend you against a speeding ticket

The Carolina Law Group assists motorists who are given speeding tickets in Craven County and throughout North Carolina. Please call us at 252-636-3737 or contact us online for an appointment to discuss your case. Our office is in New Bern.

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